2. Keith crop




  5. Rory, I’m gonna roll you up and smoke you
    — Derrick

  6. Hal “banana” foster keeps referring to Le Corbusier as the “Corb.” I feel like that’s something my friends or I would do


  7. "sincerely, prof. Krauss"

    Oh geez, she’s sincere


  8. "That would be crazy and it would be false"


  9. Did Arthur danto make up the word “queerdom”


  10. " don’t slap me, I was gonna say slap me if I’m wrong… because I love ya, I won’t slap ya back "


  11. " I accept that in the spirit that you offered it "


  12. Tavis smiley just said “tavis is a communist”


  13. I love tavis smiley


  14. Tavis smiley is much larger than David crosby


  15. Treat your feet