2. Keiji Haino has an album with Boris and one of the tracks is called: “Don’t Be Cheated By The Oozing Silt From Both Of The Accuser And the Accused Which Is Always There, Saying “Something Has To Be Done”

    It’s too good


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  7. I had a dream last night in which, among many other strange and false things that occurred, I talked to an older Matthew Broderick who admitted to being MF Doom’s roommate in college. When I think about that now, I realize it cannot be for multiple reasons but in the dream I replied with astonishment, “the Doom? No way.”



  9. The ‘fist





  13. Kill time


  14. Mini-art is best because it reminds me of mini-skirts and long-legged girls. It must refer to very small works of art. This is a very good idea… Or maybe the mini-artist is a very small person, say under five feet tall. If so, much good work will be found in the primary schools (primary school primary structures).
    — Sol LeWitt on mini-art

  15. I heart sweet potatoes, it’s true